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COST savings

Average Chinese wages are about 10% of that in the United States and Western Europe and 50% of the average wage in Mexico - a major advantage when labor is a significant aspect of the cost structure of a product

Sourcing in China can bring immense cost savings and increased profitability to your business, if managed correctly.

• Quality

With proper management the product produced in China is equal to that of product manufactured in the United States. Through our vendor management and qualification process we are able to assure you that quality is a major element of every product that you are sourcing..

• Why not go direct?

There are significant challenges when sourcing in China. Language and cultural barriers, along with unfamiliarity with the local business environment, can make procurement in China difficult or even remove any cost advantages gained.

Minimizing the risks and expenditure of China procurement can prove to be a difficult if not impossible task for companies with limited resources and no local presence. To find the most suitable supplier and to ensure the quality and timely delivery of products, setting up a local (China) office is often a necessity. This can add to the time, complexity, and cost of sourcing products in China, ultimately reducing savings and profits.

Our sourcing services include:

  • Reviewing and analyzing your sourcing needs
  • Giving you a single US Based point of contact to work with our sourcing agents throughout China
  • Communicating your specifications and design objectives to our engineering team and sourcing team in China
  • Selecting screening and maintaining relationships with reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners in China
  • We will work with multiple vendors do assure that you receive the most competitive price possible
  • Ensuring effective quality control –. With our supply coordinators located directly in China