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The TurnKey Manufacturing process can be as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Contact us.

Step 2: Non-disclosure agreement: For the protection of all involved ARC Marketing will sign your non-disclosure agreement or we will send you ours.

Step 3: The bid: There is no cost or obligation for us to bid on your product.

In order to put together the best bid possible, please forward as
much of the following as you presently have:

1) Schematics.
2) Bill of Material.
3) Sample or 3D picture ( if one is available)
4) If these require testing - the complete test procedures.
5) Any technical specifications you might have.
6) Estimated Annual usage - are there spikes in this usage or is it steady.
7) Price point you need to see these at.

Do not worry, we will help you put this information together if you do not have it. Remember this is TurnKey Manufacturing and if you need us to develop it for you, we can. (There may be a cost to develop these for you if you do not yet have them.)

Our street address for overnight delivery:

ARC Marketing
3 Sanborn Drive
Nashua NH 03063
Phone(603) 660-0232

Step 4: We agree on the terms and conditions of the bid.

Step 5: We start the actual manufacturing process.