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We will help you design the packaging that is right for your product. We will then join the product and packaging and deliver it to your specifications.

Bulk Packaging - This is often used for sub-assemblies or products that will be re-packaged in the United States. It is often used for industrial or commercial products also. Bulk packaging is the most economical means for shipping from Asia.

Retail Packaging - Our capabilities include blister packaging, heat sealing, cardboard packaging and 4 color printing. We can help you obtain a UPC code or product testing certifications that can be applied to the retail packaging prior to delivery. We will utilize your images to have your product ready for retail sale.

Carton Packaging - If you are marketing your product for retail sale it is important to consider the carton quantity. We will work with you to minimize shipping costs and optimize marketability.

Container load Packaging - In order to minimize shipping costs the product needs to be optimized for shipping in a 20 or 40 foot container. We will work with you to determine these quantities and maximize the shipping space.