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From Concept to finished product SAVE up
to 25% over traditional U.S. Manufacturing.

We are a United States Company with offices in New Hampshire and representation in China. Our unique approach allows you to have the benefits of offshore manufacturing with out the risk. We will provide you with a single trusted U.S. point of contact while utilizing offshore manufacturing savings.

What we can do for you:

You stay focused on what you do best, that is run your core business. Let us do it for you we can help you with sourcing a product that is already on the market, design and development of your product, prototyping of the product, manufacturing as well as assisting you with the importation process.

Why work with us:

Our resources are designed to optimize the advantages of Asian manufacturing and minimize the risks. You would need to spend considerable resources to accomplish what we have already developed. You may need a translator or even an office in China. We allow you to utilize your resources to focus on your core business not force you to develop a new one.

Major benefits include:

Ability to work in English – the reality of working in Asia is the language Barrier – You will always work in English we have the ability to translate everything so that all of your business will occur in English.

Work on Us time – another reality of Asian manufacturing is the time barrier – China is as much as 13 hours different from the United States you will have a single point of Contact in the United States.

Conduct business in the style you have learned - Cultural Barriers are a real problem just as business is conducted a unique way in the United States it is also conducted a unique way in Asia we have local contacts in Asia that know how to make things work for you.

Quality Control – With you product coming from so far away you need to have a method of assuring your quality we have local representatives who assure the quality you demand.

Process coordination – often-different components of your product will need to be manufactured in multiple factories and than assembled and packaged in a central location. We coordinate all of this for you through the use of our partner facility where we complete the assembly and packaging for you.

Importation Expertise – We will aid you in the process of preparing your product for shipment as well as help you with all of the needed paper work so that the importation process goes as smooth as possible.

We specialize in plastics, electronics, metals and fabric products and components - Our experience includes commercial, industrial and retail products

We can do as little or as much as you need:

Contact us:
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